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Great Distributors are our best asset!

Since our inception, our global distributions Partners have played a crucial role in the marketing and sale of our Partners’ products in their local market. We partner with worldwide distributors looking to enrich their portfolios with quality American and European products.

Avencia provides comprehensive solutions to Global Distributors by bringing it’s experience with healthcare products combined with a focus on results that translates into speed-to-market, reliability and confidence for our Distributors.

We enable our Distributors to significantly reduce the efforts, risks and costs associated with local registrations processes. Avencia manages the entire supply logistics process, provides turn-key, end-to-end supervision to ensure distributors get the products within the timeline and provides uninterrupted supplies.

By joining Avencia’s network of Global Distributors, your company will gain access to innovative and comprehensive product ranges. In addition, we consistently invest in providing you with specific offers and tools that will bring value to you and your customer, reduce costs and maximize efficiencies.

Avencia is dedicated to facilitating the whole process by providing its Distributors with full support in all areas such as:

  • Provide full product registration
  • Simplify the Import system by handling all export formalities and administrative work
  • Provide full market analysis of the Distributor’s country
  • Advise Distributors on product selection
  • Connect Global Distributors with new and innovative products
  • Ensuring import/export Compliances
  • Managing shipping and payment of duties
  • Reduce costs and maximize efficiencies
  • Create growth and portfolio expansion

Become a Distributor:

As a leading export partner to major healthcare companies, we are always looking to develop our network of global distributors.

Our partners expect a world class service and performance to sell and distribute their products.

Our distributors must be able to offer exceptional sales support, reliable order management processes and capable technical support. In addition to be able to achieve annual sales targets, potential distributors will need to have a highly capable sales team that is proactive in their marketing efforts and provide regular feedback to our head office.

How to become a Distributor

If you want to become one of our Global Distributors, please complete the form below, we will then evaluate your initial application and contact you to discuss further.

By Mattia Astorino

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By Mattia Astorino

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